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Mission Action Plan

All parishes in the Diocese of Bath & Wells are encouraged to have a Mission Action Plan. Our plan, or MAP as it is called, seeks to set out our current priorities for mission and ministry as a parish, founded on an understanding of who we are as a church, and the role that God calls us into as we serve our local area in his name. The MAP is normally reviewed and amended each year.


At the Parish Conference held on 18 September 2021, the meeting set the following core values that would underpin all that we do together, and in which all the actions in this Mission Action Plan have their roots.
At St Andrew’s Church we are committed to being…

  1. Outward facing, reaching out to others in a way that is inclusive, accessible and welcoming to all
  2. Caring towards each other and our community
  3. Growing in confidence in our faith in a generous and loving God
  4. Responsive to change in society so that we are flexible in our worship and in how we serve others
  5. Proactive in nurturing discipleship across the age group
In addition to our essential activities of providing Anglican public worship, pastoral care to congregation and community, maintaining our buildings and fulfilling our legal responsibilities, and based on these values, the meeting then chose to make the following actions a priority…
  1. Reopen and renew Church Mice
  2. Offer worship that is more varied and meets a wider range of needs
  3. Enhance our ministry of welcome and hospitality
  4. Continue with the New St Andrew’s Project
Recognising the longer term nature of some of our actions, this plan includes components that are projected beyond one year towards a two year time frame. Nevertheless, to maintain focus, we will aim to review this plan in September 2022. This is an organic document, and the PCC may amend the plan at any stage in the light of changing circumstances.
Approved by PCC, 29 September 2021                                                                                                                                                                                                    Version 1.1
To be reviewed by 30 September 2022                                                                                                                                                                                                          29.9.21
St Andrew’s Taunton                                                  MISSION ACTION PLAN 2021-23                              “Reaching lives for change and hope.”
Area What? Why? How? By when? How will we know? Who?
1 – CHURCH MICE Re-open and renew Church Mice by…
  1. Identifying and safely recruiting a new leader, deputy and a supportive volunteer team
A, B, E  
Approach likely candidates from community and past parents
October 2021
Our once popular Church Mice has recovered from its pandemic shutdown and has re-emerged with a fresh leadership providing an important and valued service to our local community. While primarily a parent and toddler group, Church Mice has a distinctively Christian identity which enables parents to grow a sense of spirituality in their children. Vicar
Joy Abnett
  1. Providing appropriate training for all staff
Consult Diocesan Go Team December 2021 Vicar
  1. researching local “market” for ideas and best timing
Find out about other groups and when they operate.
Work out USP for own operation.
November 2021 Joy Abnett
Esther Checketts
  1. Refine toy collection
Sort and discard old or broken toys October 2021 Joy Abnett
  1. Promoting a revitalised Church Mice
Parish website, social media platforms, flyers to schools, posters and banners December 2021 aiming for January 2022 re-opening Social Media platform managers
Parish Administrator
2 – VARIED WORSHIP Offer worship that is more varied and meets a wider range of needs by…
  1. Providing a monthly afternoon act of worship for those who find mornings difficult, and for those who may be new to formal liturgy
A, B, D, E Identifying an appropriate day and time, designing informal services, providing a simple tea for social interaction Spring 2022 Those who find it difficult to attend the Parish Eucharist through age or infirmity have an alternative, which doubles as an opportunity for social interaction. Meanwhile, the style and staffing of the Parish Eucharist is responsive to the changes in available resources. All our worship provides an opportunity for the congregation to grow in faith and have their spiritual needs met. Vicar
Ministry Team
  1. Matching the Parish Eucharist to current needs and availability of sanctuary staff
Liturgy appropriately reflects current needs and resources October 2021 and ongoing Vicar
  1. Restarting programme of additional evening services
Review programme abandoned in March 2020 and reset dates for 2021/22 October 2021 Ministry Team
Director of Music
3 – WELOME &  HOSPITALITY Enhance our ministry of welcome and hospitality by…
  1. Restoring refreshments after the Parish Eucharist
A, B, C Restart when kitchen is vacated by builders, deep cleaned and coffee rota prepared October/November 2021 The much-missed “coffee after church,” abandoned at the beginning of the pandemic is restored and valued as a weekly point of social interaction for the congregation and a way of meeting new members. The possibility of a simple breakfast before the Parish Eucharist has been investigated and market-tested, with the emphasis on expanding the team of those available to help with refreshments. The newly refurbished and renamed Narthex is a welcoming, well equipped and useful space for fellowship, and includes effective noticeboard space for clear communication. It is also suitable and available as a meeting space for small groups from church and community. Church cleaning lead
Coffee rota lead
  1. Providing training for sidespeople
 Calling team meeting and reviewing vital welcome skills. Opportunity for fire evacuation training. November 2021 Vicar/Curate and Churchwardens
  1. Better and targeted use of the refurbished Narthex
Layout and furnishing of refurbished Narthex to take account of welcome and hospitality. Redesign use of noticeboard space and availability of paper resources Summer 2023 Vicar and Churchwardens
Parish Administrator
  1. Investigate the possibility of providing a simple breakfast before the Parish Eucharist
Initial discussions with a possible new team Summer 2022 Sue Lodge
4 – NEW ST ANDREW'S Continue with the New St Andrew’s Project by…
  1. Completion of the extended toilet facilities (Phase 1A)
A, B, C, D, E  
Oversee and sign off current works
October 2021
Phase 1 of the New St Andrew’s Project is complete with better facilities to support worship, fund raising and community events. Renamed meeting room(s) are available for smaller church meetings and charitable/community use at nil-to-low charge rates, as well as the Community Café proposed at the Parish Conference in September 2021. Phase 2 has begun with the clearing of pews to provide a larger space for community use. A better space is available to support a mix of modern catholic eucharistic worship, and alternative styles to suit a wider range of needs.  
NSA Project Manager
Vicar & Churchwardens
  1. Progress kitchen extension and refurbishment (Phase 1B)
Complete design, costing and fund raising. Apply for Faculty and commission contractor Summer 2022
  1. Repair and refurbish Narthex area  (Phase 1C)
Repair plasterwork and commission new carpet. Equip with suitable furnishing for social events and small meetings Summer/Autumn 2022
  1. Removal of remaining pews in line with original New St Andrew’s vision. (Phase 2)
Explore different models with DAC before Faculty application. Replace carpet where necessary and provide flexible furnishing Consultations from October 2021 with implementation into 2022-2023


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